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Ideology of Poojaandsahitya

     Ideology Of 

Since times immemorial Man has been in quest of happiness and well-being i and has a firm belief that there exits 'the creator' of this universe whom he calls-God.                 
This divine element is know by different ways of leading life,which we call religion. Each Religion has its own aim way of worshiping the God and it is benevolently believed , that God alone would be able to bring happiness , well-being to us and would fulfill our desires and aim. Various deities are worshiped for seeking success, happiness , fulfillment of various desires and it is believed that these deities are the medium through which the crater /God could be finally approached.
The procedure involves invocations,prayers,songs and rituals by which the devotee or sadhak seeks to establish spiritual connection with the divine.
The Hindu way of life ,i.e. Hindu Religion has its own way of worshiping the God and we call it 'PoojaVidhi'. We believe in our hearts, that by worshiping ,the God , we would be blessed by him and that he would bring us all the success and worldly happiness and also peace of mind.


As a matter of fact ,each one desirous of worshiping has to perform the Pooja Vidhi by himself. Due to lack of knowledge of the particular 'PoojaVidhi' suitable for the purpose/desire, in ability to recite the vedic-chants or various Pauranik Mantras/Stotras for reverie/praising the God /Deity(the intermediary), one has to seek help of the Guruji/Bhatji/Panditji. The PoojaSamagri(Pooja Sahitya) needed for performing the particular type of the Pooja Vidhi is also not know or is not readily available ,even if known further, there are different kinds ofVidhis for Various 'Phala-Siddhis'.
We at ""are not only aware of your needs,but have  the ways and means to provide you all that is needed.
  Our Services Include : 
1.Guidance about the exact nature of the Pooja Vidhi needed for achiveving the desire of your mind .   i.e. 'Phala-praptee'. 
2.Providing Guruji/Bhatji/Panditji for the particular Pooja
    eg. Satyanarayan , Maunji-bandhan , Vivah (Marriage), Vastushanti etc. 
3.PoojaSahitya(Samagri) needed for the particular Pooja. 
4.Providing Pooja Booklet / Pothi , if needed. 
5.On-line booking for providing Guruji,Pooja Sahitya or both. 
6.The Guruji would explain to you the contents and meanings of the Pooja Vidhi / Vedic Chants / Pauranik Mantras / Stotras in your Mother toungue.
(i.e.Marathi / Hindi / English) if you specifically ask for it.
Parikshiti Thosar

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