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Importance Of Shravan In Indian Tradition

                  Importance of 'Shravan' In Indian Tradition

        Our Indian tradition is considerably oceanic and exhaustive. There is no conflict that our Indian tradition is very liberal and prosperous in all its ways. It achieves evolution and expansion of every human being. Indian tradition explained the best way to achieve the supreme eminence not only for the specific Indians but also for the all the globe which is procurable. Indian tradition does not state any code or magnification but it gives a blissful living in life.
      Worshiping or to worship has a lots of importance in Indian tradition. Our ancestors or our old people advised us to follow tradition for obtaining secular and transcendental supreme eminence.

         There are lots of ways to worship God or almighty with selfsame .the great ‘Sant  Samarth Ramdas’ says“Upasakasi Suchana Upasana , Upasana” means to follow and worship of god unbroken and bottomless .The way of Upasana/ worshipping provides a non-duality between the God and follower/worshipper. It is totally dependant on the follower whom to worship, but who ever, God is followed by follower it is compulsory to worship that particular God in selfsame manner.

         Indian tradition does not restrict any time limit for worshipping, but “If there is no restrictions then there is no perfection” so we should follow certain time limit or duration.

     “Shravan Pratipada” to “Shravan Amavasya” has its extreme importance in Indian culture. As this month is full of festivals, celebrations and religious vows. “Shravan Month or Shravan mass” is immensely dedicated to Lord Shiva. To worship lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the Shravan maas is a very auspicious way to get blessings.

        To obtain secular and upbeat blessings it is necessary to implement religious vows and ritual rules. One can observe fasting during this month. On each Monday or Somvar Lord Shiv must be worshiped with all its best ways. Lord Shiva is also known as ‘ASHUTOSH’ as Lord Shiva is elated more early than any other supreme God .Lord Shiv poojan provides  blissful implementation and acquired taste to our life. Lord shiva can be pleased with ‘Rudra’, ‘Mahinma’ canticle or Stotra. It is also believed that lord shiva will be more liberal in giving fruitful blessings when we offer Laghurudra Abhishek” with various aspects and attributes.

        Indian culture specifies different rituals which should be followed for the specific god. In this month people can perform Satyanarayana Pooja which is the easiest way to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. To greet Lord Ganesha Sahastravartan i.e Ganesh Atharavshirsha Aavartan is carried out which yields a great significance on “Sankashti chaturthi” .In shravan Mangalagauri is a festival which is for newly married girl. In this festival married woman performs Paramparik Khel in which heritage and folk culture of Maharashtra beautifully shown. Apart from all these ‘Jarajivantika’ goddess is also worshiped on the Friday in this Shravan season for obtaining long healthy and wealthy life. Saturday is dedicated to Lord ‘Maruti’ and ‘Ashvathrushi’ it is believed that worshiping Lord Maruti on Saturday gives more fruit-full blessings.

     As this month is full of festivals, celebrations and joy, the festivals like ‘Nagpanchami’,'Rakshabandhan’,‘Shravani’,‘Janmashtami’,‘PithoriAmavasya’ also adds their own importance in the journey of tradition.

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